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Read Me First
When the internal backup battery is low on power, it may not be able to start
your system properly and the message “Press <F1> to resume, <F2> to
setup” will appear at the bottom of the display. Should this happen, follow
the procedure below:
Press F2. The BIOS Setup menu appears.
Set the date (month/day/year). Press Enter to move to the next item. To enter
01/31/2000, for example, type 1, press Enter, type 31, press Enter, Type 2000,
then press Enter.
to select System Time, then set the time (hour:minute:second). Press
Enter to move to the next item.
to select Exit, then press
to select Get Default Values. The message
“Load default configuration now?” appears.
Make sure that Yes is selected and press Enter. If No is selected, press
select Yes.
Select Exit (Save Changes), then press Enter. The message “Save
configuration changes and exit now?” appears.
“Make sure that Yes is selected and press Enter. The computer restarts.
Local Toll Calling
Although Sony makes every effort to use local toll free telephone lines to transfer
data when you register your computer, where local toll calling applies, you may
find a small charge from your phone service provider after registering your
Switching Between NTSC and PAL Standards
Your computer is designed to allow you to switch between NTSC and PAL
standards. For details on switching from one standard to another, go to Ask Sony
Selecting the Printer Port Mode for Your Printer
The default setting for the printer port mode is correct for most printers. If you
cannot print, try changing the printer port mode. In Sony Notebook Setup, select
the Printer tab. If the printer port mode is set to ECP, change it to bi-directional. If
the printer port mode is set to bi-directional, change it to ECP. For more
information on using Sony Notebook Setup, see “Displaying the Sony Notebook
Setup Screen” in the online manual
Customizing Your VAIO
This manual is suitable for devices