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Supplementary Information
Supplementary Information
Hard Disk Drive Partition
The hard disk drive on your computer has been formatted with two partitions, C
and D. The size of the D partition is approximately 4 GB on PCG-F480K and
approximately 8 GB on the PCG-F490K
Power Management Tips
If you find that an application exhibits unexpected behavior (such as reduced
video quality) after returning from a reduced power consumption mode, you
should close that application before your computer enters a power-saving
For maximum audio and video performance, use PowerPanel to select either
the AC Power Profile or the Power Management Off profile.
If your battery level falls to less than 10%, you should either attach the AC
adapter to recharge the battery or shut down your computer and insert a
fully charged battery.
If Your Computer Does Not Start
Check that the computer is plugged into a power source and that it is turned
on. Check that the power indicator on the front panel of the computer
indicates that the power is on.
Check that the battery is inserted properly and that it is charged.
Make sure there is no diskette in the floppy disk drive.
Confirm that the AC adapter and all cables are connected firmly, as described
in “Connecting Peripheral Devices” in the
Notebook User Guide
came with your computer.
If you plugged the computer into a power strip or UPS, make sure the power
strip or UPS is turned on and working.
If you are using an external display, check that it is plugged into a power
source and turned on. Check that the brightness control is adjusted correctly.
See the manual that came with your display for details.
Moisture condensation may have occurred. Do not use the computer for at
least one hour and then turn on the computer.
The size of your D partition may differ if you purchased a specially configured system.
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