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Why isn’t the DVD-ROM drive reading a DVD or CD?
After inserting a DVD or CD, you must wait a few seconds for the disc to be
detected before trying to access it. If your drive reads some DVDs or CDs but not
others, check the shiny side of the disc for dirt or scratches. You may also need to
clean the DVD-ROM drive lens with a CD-ROM cleaner.
How do I change the video resolution of my display?
From the Start menu, select Settings and click Control Panel. Click the Display
icon and select Settings. Move the Screen area slider to change the resolution.
Why does Windows lock up during shut down?
Windows may not shut down properly for many reasons, including
incompatible or conflicting drivers, damaged files, or non-responsive hardware.
For troubleshooting information, you can search Windows 2000 Help. From the
Start menu, select Help, click the Contents tab, click Troubleshooting, and then
click Windows 2000 Troubleshooters. Click the subject for which you want
information, and then answer the questions that are appropriate for your
Why is my system running slowly?
The speed varies depending on the number of applications that are open and
running. Close any applications that you are not currently using.
Why is there no sound in any application?
There are independent controls for your system volume.
When the internal speaker is set to Mute, press the F3 key while holding
down the Fn key.
When the internal speaker is set to Minimum, press the F4 key while holding
down the Fn key, then press the Up arrow key or the Right arrow key to
increase the volume
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