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Your Curtis Gemini is Factory Pre-Set and Ready to Go… Right from the Box.
Following are the Factory Settings for your GEMSS Coffee Brewing System:
• Brew Temperature = 200°F
• Water Bypass = On LARGE & MEDIUM brew only
• Brew Volume = Large set to vessel requirements.
• Energy Save Mode = Off
System Requirements:
• Water Source
20 – 90 PSI (Minimum Flow Rate of 1 GPM)
• Electrical: See attached schematic for standard model or visit www.wilburcurtis.com for your model.
Setup Steps
The unit should be located on a solid counter top and leveled (left to right and front to back). Connect a water line from the water filter to
the brewer.
NOTE: A water filtration system must be installed to maintain a trouble-free operation. (In areas with extremely hard water, we suggest that
a sedimentary and taste & odor filter be installed.) This will prolong the life of your brewing system and enhance coffee quality.
WARNINGS – To help avoid personal injury
Important Notes/Cautions – from the factory
Sanitation Requirements
1. A 3/8”Flare x 3/8” Male pipe elbow is supplied with the brewer for water line connection. Use tubing sized sufficiently to provide a
minimum of 1.0 GPM.
2. Connect the unit to an appropriate electrical power circuit.
3. Turn on the toggle (STANDBY/ON) switch behind the unit. The heating tank will start to fill. When the water level in the tank rises to
the correct volume, the heating elements will energize automatically.
4. The heating tank will require 20 to 30 minutes to reach operating temperature (200°F), indicated when READY TO BREW is displayed
on the LCD screen.
5. Prior to brewing, dispense 12 ounces of hot water through the hot water faucet.
Brew a cycle of at least 12 ounces, to purge the water lines of any air that may be trapped after filling.
connect this brewer to hot
water. The inlet valve is
not rated for hot water.
CAUTION: Please use
this setup procedure
before attempting to use
this brewer. Failure to follow the
instructions can result in injury or the
voiding of the warranty.
TO AVOID SCALDING, Do not remove brewcone while brew light is flashing.
IMPORTANT: Equipment
to be installed to comply
with applicable federal,
state, or local plumbing/electrical
codes having jurisdiction.
Brewing Instructions
1. Brewer should be ON (Confirm at rear toggle switch, then press the ON/OFF button). Ready-to-Brew should be on the display. If the
brewer is connected to an InterLock grinder, the grinder should be on. When Interlock connection is made, grind coffee at this time.
2. Place an empty Satellite under the brewcone and press the warmer switch to pre-heat the Satellite.
6. Press Brew button.
Brewing will begin
5. Transfer filled brew
cone to brewer.
Place a clean filter
into the brewcone.
4. Fill brewcone with
proper amount of
ground coffee.
NSF International requires the following water connection:
A quick disconnect or additional coiled tubing (at least 2x the depth of the unit) so that the machine can be moved for clean
ing underneath the unit.
This equipment is to be installed with adequate back flow protection to comply with applicable federal, state and local codes.
Water pipe connections and fixtures directly connected to a potable water supply shall be sized, installed and maintained in
accordance with federal, state, and local codes.
ISO 9001:2008
Wilbur Curtis Company
Montebello, CA 90640
Tel: (323) 837-2300
Important Safeguards
This appliance is designed for commercial use. Any servicing other than cleaning and preventive maintenance should be
performed by an authorized Wilbur Curtis service technician.
• DO NOT immerse the unit in water or any other liquid
• To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, DO NOT open service panels. No user serviceable parts inside.
• Keep hands and other items away from hot surfaces of unit during operation.
• Never clean with scouring powders, bleach or harsh chemicals.
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Service Manual – GEMSS