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a. Take hold of the whipper chamber with one hand while holding the whipper mounting plate with the other. Turn it clock
wise to free it from the mounting plate.
b. Remove whipper chamber from the unit and clean it thoroughly.
7. Pull the whipper propeller from the motor shaft and clean it.
When replacing the propeller, make sure the propeller is properly aligned and seated
on the motor shaft. Some propellers may have an indicator; a wide, flat surface to lineup with the
flat on the shaft (illustration, right).
The newer propellers have an embossed
’, indicating how to position the propeller on the motor shaft.
Failure to push the propeller in all the way will cause the propeller to fuse with the whipper chamber. This
condition will not be covered under warranty.
Clean the mounting plate.
Clean the shaft with a cloth and mild detergent before removing mounting plate.
Twist the mounting plate clockwise and pull it from the motor shaft.
c. Clean the area behind the mounting plate.
d. Clean the water inlet fitting.
e. Lubricate the center seal of the mounting plate before reinstalling.
Wash and rinse all parts that were removed for cleaning.
Allow parts to dry. Assemble the whipper assembly and close the front door.
10. The unit is ready for use.
IMPORTANT - Do not remove pillars to take off mounting plate.
Steps to Programming
Your Curtis Generation 3 cappuccino dispenser is Factory Pre-Set for Optimum Performance.
Entering the Programing Menus
Press and hold
for about ten [10] seconds until display reads
Program Menus
(See Illustration). Release button.
Scroll through menu using
control button. Select menu items you wish to enter with the Stop/Wash button.
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