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WARNINGS – To help avoid personal injury
Important Notes/Cautions – from the factory
Sanitation Requirements
1. Connect a water line from your facility to the 1/4” flare water inlet fitting of the valve, behind the
machine. Water volume going to the machine should be stable. Use tubing sized sufficiently to
provide a minimum flow rate of one gallon per minute.
2. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet rated at 20A.
3. Switch on the toggle switch, behind the unit, that runs power to the components in the machine.
The lights (display window and row of buttons) on the front door will activate and the heating
tank will start to fill.
4. Water in the heating tank will require about one hour to reach operating temperature (factory
setting of 190°F). At this time the LCD will display “READY TO DISPENSE”.
5. Remove and fill the canisters with powdered product.
Service Manual – Expressions Multi-flavor
This appliance is designed for commercial use. Any servicing other than cleaning and maintenance
should be performed by an authorized Wilbur Curtis service center.
Do NOT immerse the unit in water or any other liquid
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do NOT open top panel. No user serviceable
parts inside. Repair should be done only by authorized service personnel.
Keep hands and other items away from hot parts of unit during operation.
Never clean with scouring powders or harsh implements.
Your Curtis G3 System is Factory Pre-Set and Ready to Go, Right from the Carton.
Following are the Factory Settings for your Expressions Multi-flavor Beverage System:
• Tank Temperature = 190°F
• Dispensing Mode Set for Manual Dispense
Generally there will never be a reason to change your G3 programming. However, should you need
to make slight adjustments to meet your dispensing needs, programming instructions are provided
later in this manual.
System Requirements:
• Water Source
20 – 90 PSI (Minimum Flow Rate of 1 GPM)
• Electrical:
See attached schematic for standard model or visit www.wilburcurtis.com for
your model.
Equipment to be installed to comply with applicable federal, state, or local plumbing/electrical codes
having jurisdiction.
The unit should be level (left to right and front to back), located on a solid counter top.
Connect a water line from the water filter to the brewer.
NOTE: Some type of water filtration device must be used to maintain a trouble-free operation. (In
areas with extremely hard water, we suggest that a sedimentary and taste & odor filter be installed.)
This will prolong the life of your dispensing system and enhance cappuccino product quality.
, I
Important Safeguards/Conventions
connect this unit to
hot water. Inlet valve
not rated for hot water.
Use this
setup procedure
before attempting
to use this appliance. Failure
to follow the instructions can
result in injury or the voiding
of the warranty.
Montebello, CA 90640
LIQUID, Scalding
may occur. Avoid
Models Included:
NSF International requires the following water connection:
1. A quick disconnect or additional coiled tubing (at least 2x the depth of the unit) so that
the machine can be moved for cleaning underneath.
2. This equipment is to be installed with adequate back flow protection to comply with ap-
plicable federal, state and local codes..
3. Water pipe connections and fixtures directly connected to a potable water supply shall
be sized, installed and maintained in accordance with federal, state, and local codes.
This manual is suitable for devices