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Ibis manual contains
strustions for the inspection, installation, safe operation, care, and maintenance
of the VS9 Vegetable Cutter,
Disassembl. repair. replacement, and re-assembly inslrud.ions are
included. A trouble shooting guide is provided. A complcte replacement parts
list with identif'sing
figure diagrams is included to aid in identification and ordering of replacement parts. Please review
manual careful!
- particularly all safsty precautions - befi're trying to put
the VS9 into service.
- Never insert hands Into the hopper.
- Never insert ally utensil into the hopper.
Note that the front housing ofthe VS9 has a feed hopper (Fig. 1(2)].
lt is also equipped
with a feed plate [Fig. 1 (8)]. Food to be processed must always he fed to cutting surfaces by
way ofthe hopper, and compressed against cutting surfaces with the
feed plate. Never try to
feed product to cutting surfaces with your hands or any other way!
1f during operation of a product jam occurs, immediately turn off and disconnect the
elenxical supply to the power source equipment. Make sure rotation has stopped. Unlatth
the VS9's front housing. swing it toward you, and then clear the obstruction. Do not try to
clear obstructions while the VS9 is under power. and again, never insert fingers or utensils
lito the hopper
Wear protective gloves whenever handling the VS9s knives, cutting plates. or cutting
assemblies. They are very sharp and can cut you. For safety, wash knives and cutting plates
with a long handled scrub brush,
When assembling or disassembling the VS9. make sure it rests on a stable working surface.
Never rest knives, cutting plates. or cutting assemblies on surtlices that could he marred.
13e1'ore assembling the VS9 and mounting it to pov.cr source equipment. make sure that a
comfortable working clearance has been provided around the madiinery. Always install the
machinery where it will save the operator steps.
Bcfòre assemblingihe VS9 and mounting it to power source equipment, or disinountingthe
\'S9 after use, disconnect or lock-out the electrical supply to the power source equipment.
This will prevent any chance of accidental start-up.
Before mouutingthe VS9 to pover source equipment. make sure the front housing [Fig. I
(8)] is securely latched to the rear housing [Fig. 1(9), (10), (11 )].
Before mountingthe VS9 to power source equipment. review the power source equipment
manual for instruction on the use of its power take-off huh. The hub should be equipped
s ith a thumb screw, The thumb screw should be firmly
s'nugged immediately after
mounting the VS9 to secure the VS9 in place. Do not operate the VS9 mf there is no securing
device present on the power take-off huh,
Neverhosedown a VS9 mouutedtopowersourceequiPmait. llosingdown a mounted VS9
invites electrical shock.
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