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When selecting the best location for the mixer, it is helpful to consider the following:
• Where is the best location for the operator, both for saving steps and easy viewing?
• Is this a good location for product flow as in:
• Easy to get ingredients to the mixer?
• Destination of the mix after mixing?
• Is there existing electrical service at this location?
• Does this location provide easy access for cleaning and service?
• Check to be sure that your mixer with attachments does not extend out into heavy traffic
• If stands and / or portable equipment are to be used alongside of your mixer, can they be
moved easily to and from your mixer?
Electrical wiring instructions are found in the wiring diagrams (Figures 5A thru 5C) on pages 13 through
15. Before making electrical connections, CHECK the specifications on the nameplate to make sure that
they agree with the available electrical service.
Your SRM40+ mixer features a two part safety guard. The Swing Ring™ Safety Guard is easily
removed and installed, as well as dishwasher safe. It conveniently swings out of the way without having
to be removed to place or sample ingredients in the bowl. Only one side of the guard needs to be open
when adding ingredients. This two-piece design handles and fits conveniently in your sink or dish-
washer. It also provides a clear view of the product throughout the mixing cycle.
This mixer will not operate unless the Swing Ring
Safety Guard is properly engaged.
The guards activate safety switches that enable the mixer to operate only when the guards are closed.
These switches protect against accidental operation of the mixer when the guards are open or removed
from the mixer. The mixer will automatically stop if the guard is opened. An additional switch in the
bowl lift automatically stops the mixer if the bowl is lowered from the “up” (mixing) position.
To install the Swing Ring™ Safety Guard, insert the pointed end of the rod at the rear of the guard into
the lower mounting bracket on the mixer housing. Then insert the top end of the rod into the upper
bracket by aligning the groove in the rod with the slot in the bracket. Press the rod in and allow it to drop
down into position. Swing the two halves of the guard forward. Magnets located on the transmission will
hold the guards in position. When the guard is properly closed, the switches will be activated and the
mixer can be operated.
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