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To remove the guard, simply reverse the installation procedure. Grip the two halves of the guard and
pull it open. Use an upward motion to release each half of the guard from the bracket on the machine
To open the guard for access to the bowl,
first turn the mixer off
by pushing the red “Stop” push-
button (Figure 1 [16]). Pull open the two halves of the guard and swing one or both guards outward. It is
not necessary to remove them. Close the guards and press the green “Start” push-button (Figure 1[15])
to resume mixing operations.
Your Univex mixer is designed to meet the cook’s and baker’s demand for an efficient, dependable
appliance. It should give unfailing performance over a period of years when operated and maintained
according to the instructions contained herein.
The mixer drives various agitator attachments through a beater head shaft to beat, mix, or whip liquid,
viscous, or dry ingredients. The shaft is driven by a sturdy motor whose power is transmitted by a
rugged, cogged belt and a continuously variable transmission (CVT) through a gear train and a planetary
gear set. The speed of the beater shaft can be varied from approximately 125 to 300 revolutions per
minute (RPM). (See page 8 for part numbers of various agitators, attachments and accessories.)
The SRM12 mixer is optionally equipped with a power take-off (PTO) that operates other attachments
such as slicers, graters and grinders. The PTO speed can be varied from 145 to 345 rpm.
Be sure to read
and follow all safety instructions provided by the manufacturers of attachments that you operate
on the PTO.
The PTO hub should be covered with the PTO cap provided with your mixer when not in
use to prevent accidental insertion of fingers into the PTO housing during operation.
Warning: Never put hands, spoons, utensils or other objects into the bowl while the mixer is
Noise emissions for this mixer are below 70db (A).
Place the bowl on the bowl support (Figure 1 [1]). The pin at the rear of the bowl must align with the
corresponding slot on the bowl support. Align the holes in the bowl mounting brackets over the pins on
the bowl support (Figure 1 [3]) and lower the bowl into position.
With the bowl in the “down” position, install the desired agitator by sliding it upward on the beater shaft
(Figure 1[4]). Rotate the agitator counter-clockwise until it is engaged.
Serious injury may result if the bowl is not fully secured to the bowl support using the bowl
support pins and firmly closing the clamps.
With the bowl secured, add ingredients. Liquids should be added first. The bowl is now ready to be
raised to the “up”(mixing) Position by turning the bowl lift handle (Figure 1 [17]) clockwise.
Exceeding the mixer capacity (page 7) can cause damage to the mixer and will void the factory
When using the wire whip agitator, raise the bowl to the “up” position first and then add ingredients to
avoid wire whip damage.
Close and secure the Swing Ring™ Safety Guard before proceeding.
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