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Danger of physical injury from the chute or disassembling the cases during maintenance.
It is
possible to come in contact with the machine-members in motion.
Make the machine safe before
performing regular cleaning and maintenance by turning off the Mains Power Switch.
Danger of electric shock if the machine is not properly grounded with suitable earthing.
It has to be
connected in accordance with the local/state regulations in force in the country of installation.
The Univex SPZ40 and SPZ50 Pizza Dough Spreaders are constructed of a strong structure of sheet steel,
painted with epoxy powders. The moving parts constructed for the micro-rolling and dough levelling are
protected by a woollen felt, both in the upper fixed part of the machine and in the lower moving part.
The lever with black knob, placed on the left, allows to draw up the plates, while the one with red knob is
used – with movement from left to right (in model SPZ 50 from right to left) – to modify the planarity of the
supporting plane of the lower plate.
On the right side of the moving part there is a register knob, graduated to set the distance to be maintained
between the two plates during the working cycle, that sets the final thickness of the dough. The numbering is
just an indication reference and does not refer to a dimensional reading (inches, cm or mm).
Environmental conditions: The machine needs to be installed inside a well lighted and aired building, on a
solid and levelled support. Temperatures from 41
F to 104
F (5°C to 40°C) with humidity not over 90%.
Lighting: The light at worker disposal has to be suitable to accomplish the performed work, should be in
accordance with regulations and sufficient to read the controls and danger signals.
The light should not
obstruct the operator’s vision or impair it in any way.
Vibrations: Under proper conditions of use, vibrations are not strong enough to cause dangerous
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