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Safe and systematic use of the machine is subject to the respect of the below listed behaviours and
Safety rules
Personnel have to be in good physical condition, mental condition, and properly trained to use the
pizza dough spreading
machine by reading this manual.
The person in charge of the company safety, operations or department, in choosing the worker to be
assigned to the equipment should consider the cultural level, the physical fitness and the
psychological aspect (mental equilibrium, sense of responsibility, etc.). The worker needs to be
provided with training, in addition to reading this manual, in order to supply a complete working
knowledge of the machine and proper care of the machine prior to and after each use.
The space around the machine has to be well lit, sufficient for access to controls, sufficient area for
adding ingredients and clean/clear of any/all obstructions.
Do not wear loose/hanging clothes or floating strips (ties, napkins, torn clothes, open jackets, etc), to
avoid the risk of getting caught in the moving parts of the machine when is use.
During maintenance and cleaning phases, the worker has to turn the Main Power Switch (located on
the left hand side of the machine) and make the equipment safe (e.g. removing the plug).
During the running phase, don’t leave the machine unattended, pay attention to noises or anomalous
behaviours and stay away from rotary parts.
At the end of the work, turn off the Mains Power Switch, make the machine safe and clean it with a
neutral degreasing.
Safety devices
The machine is provided with some devices that protect its running and the worker safety; they must not be
removed or modified and their running has to be periodically controlled.
Power Switch:
uts the power off to maintain the machine in safe conditions.
Thermic switch:
uts the power off in case the electric motor gets overheated.
Fix protections:
ll cases and protections fixed by screws or mechanical blocks can be removed only
for maintenance, by skilled personnel and in prescribed conditions.
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