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This manual contains instructions for the installation, operation, care, and sharpening
of the 1000M premium slicer. It is recommended that all operators familiarize
themselves with this manual prior to operating the slicer.
All UNIVEX slicers are inspected and tested at the factory; however, they should be
inspected carefully by the person making the installation for loose, damaged or broken parts. Any
damages, imperfections or shortages should be reported to the dealer or UNIVEX and shipping
: After slicer has been inspected, wash slicer completely with warm water and
mild soap. For safety, follow the cleaning instructions on Pages 6 - 7.
The most efficient installation of your slicer will depend upon the layout of your kitchen. Locate
your slicer where it will save steps for the operator and be sure to provide sufficient clearance
around it for ease of maintenance and cleaning, as well as for efficient and safe use. Ensure the
surface is level and flat before installation. Slicer should be operated on a sturdy bench or table
with the height determined to suit the operator. It is most important that the forearm of the operator
be at the proper level for ease and safety of operation, as well as for maximum production. This
height is considered optimum when the carriage handle (Overview [10]) of the slicer is at
approximately the height of the operator's elbow when standing.
Before making electrical connections, CHECK the specifications on the
nameplate to make sure that they agree with those on your electrical service. A grounding type
three-terminal plug is provided for safety. If you do not have a mating receptacle, have a qualified
electrician provide one with grounding provisions in accordance with local safety codes.
It is a violation of United States Department of Labor regulations to permit operation of the slicer
by any person under the age of 18 years.
The slicer knife is extremely sharp! Never touch the knife, always keep hands and fingers clear of
the knife. Never run slicer without the guard and all other parts in place and securely fastened.
Take extra care to avoid accidents by keeping the knife guard ON at all times. When the machine is
not in use, the slice adjustment knob should be turned fully back to the closed position (beyond "0")
so that the knife edge is not exposed
Observe the cleaning instructions on Pages 6 - 7 for best results and for safety. Also remember to
always turn off the slicer and disconnect the electrical supply cord before cleaning. When slicing,
always move the carriage using only the carriage arm handle (Overview [10]). Do not
hold or push the carriage from any other place.
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