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Main Service Parts for Safety
The breaker, door switch, fuse, thermostat, thermofuse, thermistor, etc. are particularly important
for safety. Be sure to handle/install them properly. If these parts are shorted circuit and/or
made their functions out, they may burn down, for instance, and may result in fatal accidents.
Do not allow a short circuit to occur. Do not use the parts not recommended by Toshiba TEC
Cautionary Labels
During servicing, be sure to check the rating plate and the cautionary labels such as “Unplug
the power cord during service”, “Hot area”, “Laser warning label” etc. to see if there is any dirt
on their surface and whether they are properly stuck to the copier.
Disposition of Consumable Parts, Packing Materials, Used batteries and RAM-ICs
Regarding the recovery and disposal of the copier, supplies, consumable parts, packing materials,
used batteries and RAM-ICs including litium batteries, it is recommended to follow the relevant
local regulations or rules.
When parts are disassembled, reassembly is basically the reverse of disassembly unless
otherwise noted in this manual or other related documents. Be careful not to reassemble
small parts such as screws, washers, pins, E-rings, star washers in the wrong places.
Basically, the machine should not be operated with any parts removed or disassembled.
Precautions Against Static Electricity
The PC board must be stored in an anti-electrostatic bag and handled carefully using a wrist-
band, because the ICs on it may become damaged due to static electricity.
Caution: Before using the wristband, pull out the power cord plug of the copier and
make sure that there are no uninsulated charged objects in the vicinity.
Caution :
Dispose of used batteries and RAM-ICs including lithium batter-
ies according to this manual.
Attention :
Se débarrasser de batteries et RAM-ICs usés y compris les batteries
en lithium selon ce manuel.
Vorsicht :
Entsorgung des gebrauchten Batterien und RAM-ICs (inklusive
der Lithium-Batterie) nach diesem Handbuch.