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The installation and service should be done by a qualified service technician.
When transporting/installing the copier, move it by the casters while lifting the stoppers.
The copier is quite heavy and weighs approximately 200 kg (441 lb), therefore pay full attention
when handling it.
Be sure to use a dedicated outlet with AC 115V or 120V/20A (220V, 230V, 240V/10A) or more
for its power source.
The copier must be grounded for safety.
Never ground it to a gas pipe or a water pipe.
Select a suitable place for installation.
Avoid excessive heat, high humidity, dust, vibration and direct sunlight.
Also provide proper ventilation as the copier emits a slight amount of ozone.
• To insure adequate working space for the copying operation, keep a minimum clearance of
80 cm (32”) on the left, 80 cm (32”) on the right and 10 cm (4”) in the rear.
The socket-outlet shall be installed near the copier and shall be easily accessible.
Service of Machines
Basically, be sure to turn the main switch off and unplug the power cord during service.
Be sure not to touch high-temperature sections such as the exposure lamp, the fuser unit, the
damp heater and their periphery.
• Be sure not to touch high-voltage sections such as the chargers, high-voltage transformer,
exposure lamp control inverter, inverter for the LCD backlight and power supply unit. Especially,
the board of these components should not be touched since the electirc charge may remain in
the condensers, etc. on them even after the power is turned OFF.
Be sure not to touch rotating/operating sections such as gears, belts, pulleys, fan, etc.
• Be careful when removing the covers since there might be the parts with very sharp edges
When servicing the machines with the main switch turned on, be sure not to touch live sections
and rotating/operating sections. Avoid exposure to laser radiation.
Use suitable measuring instruments and tools.
Avoid exposure to laser radiation during servicing.
- Avoid direct exposure to the beam.
- Do not insert tools, parts, etc. that are reflective into the path of the laser beam.
- Remove all watches, rings, bracelets, etc. that are reflective.