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Once a month, unplug the machine and check the power cord for the following. If you notice any unusual
condition, contact your authorized Panasonic dealer
The power cord is plugged firmly into the receptacle.
The plug is not excessively heated, rusted, or bent.
The plug and receptacle are free of dust.
The cord is not cracked or frayed.
Operating Safeguards
Do not touch areas where these caution labels are attached to, the surface may be very hot and may cause
severe burns.
Do not place any liquid container such as a vase, or coffee cup on the machine. Spilt water can cause fire or
shock hazard.
Do not place any metal parts such as staples or clips on the machine. If metal and flammable parts get into the
machine, they can short-circuit internal components, and cause fire or electric shocks.
If debris (metal or liquid) gets into the machine, switch Off and unplug the machine immediately.
Operating a debris-contaminated machine can cause fire or electric shock.
Do not try to alter the machine configuration or modify any parts. An unauthorized modification can cause
smoke or fire.
Consumable Safeguards
Never dispose of toner, toner cartridge, or a waste toner container into an open flame. Toner remaining in the
cartridge/bottle can cause an explosion, burns and/or injuries.
Keep button batteries/stamp out of the reach of children to prevent chocking or poisoning. If a button
battery/stamp is swallowed accidentally, get medical treatment immediately,
Installation and Relocation Cautions
Do not place the machine near heaters or volatile, flammable, or combustible materials such as curtains that
may catch fire.
Do not place the machine in a hot, humid, dusty, or poorly ventilated environment. Prolonged exposure to
these adverse conditions can cause fire or electric shocks.
Place the machine on a level and sturdy surface that can withstand the weight of the machine.
Refer to the Specifications section for the weight of the machine.
If tilted, the machine may tip-over and cause injuries.
When moving the machine, be sure to unplug the power cord from the outlet. If the machine is moved with the
power cord attached, it can cause damage to the cord which could result in fire or electric shock.
When relocating the machine, remove the toner and/or developer, and pack the machine with proper
packing materials for shipping.
Notice: California only:
This product contains a CR Coin Cell Lithium Battery which contains Perchlorate Material - special handling may apply.
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