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DP-8060 / 8045 / 8035 Series Service Guide
DP-8060 /8045 / 8035 Series Service Guide
5. Enhanced Features
5-1. Security
5-1-1. User Authentication
The DP-8060/8045/8035 supports network-based User Authentication in a Windows Server™ environment.
User authentication is required before using the machine for Copying, Faxing, Scanning, and Printing
functions. The supported authentication protocol is NTLM v2.
Users login to the device using their Windows account (User Name and Password).
System Administrator
The system administrator can manage user accounts using the Windows Server.
User authentication can be set independently for each function (Copying, Faxing, Scanning, and Printing).
NTLM authentication is a user authentication protocol used by Windows NT family of
Operating Systems.
NTLM uses a challenge/response method, and password encryption when sending across the
Windows 2000 can also use this protocol to maintain compatibility between client and server.
Windows Server
User Name / Password
User Authentication is required before using
the machine
s functions
Prevents unauthorized use of the
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