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DP-8060 / 8045 / 8035 Series Service Guide
DP-8060 /8045 / 8035 Series Service Guide
1. Introduction
We are pleased to introduce the new ’80-series’ products, the DP-8060, DP-8045, and DP-8035..
This service guide will help you understand the enhanced features as well as new functions, and technical
improvements on these models, and how these improvements will help your customers prosper with Panasonic.
2. Product Concept
One of the most important development concept of these models was to improve reliability and durability.
By analyzing problem areas experienced in the field with the previous models, we have made design
improvements, and strengthened these areas, then substantiated these improvements through our accelerated
reliability test in the factory.
The market demand for scanning has greatly increased recently, and we have responded to that demand by
including not only the network scanner function but also the Internet Fax, and Scan to Email functions as well to
meet today’s market requirements.
Security features are also of a great concern recently. We’ve taken the next step in the evolution of our security
functions. When equipped with the optional Data Security Kit (DA-SC01), these units become conformed to
certified Common Criteria (EAL-Level 2).
3. Product Line up
The following three models make up the 80 Series product lineup.
: 60 ppm Digital Printer, Scanner and Copier
: 45 ppm Digital Printer, Scanner and Copier
: 35 ppm Digital Printer, Scanner and Copier
4. New Cosmetic Design
In addition to the mechanical and electronic changes made to these products, we have also made some external
design changes.
<Control Panel>
The panel color has been changed from Metallic
Blue / Ivory White to Metallic Blue to be more
inline with our C3 Series Color MFPs.
The shape of the ADF has been changed so
that the paper feed and transport of originals
take place more smoothly.
<Control Panel Buttons>
We’ve increased the size of the buttons making
them easier to press due to their larger size and
concave shape.
<Front Cover>
The shape of the front cover has been changed
to the similar shape of DP-C354 series models.
Our new WORKiO logo has been added onto
the front cover.
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