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Notice of Address setting for NEW Cassette / NEW Outdoor Unit.
The new Ceiling / New Outdoor models are possible to have address setting for twin / triple control or group control by
automatic when main power supply is switched on.
(Manual address setting is also possible by using Dip switch on Indoor unit P.C. board.) However,
this address setting is only
possible when made proper wiring connection and also Indoor unit should be original virgin unit
Example of trouble at test operation
If found out as following phenomenon at test operation on site, it may have possibility of wrong address setting.
Therefore, please ensure of the address setting.
1. LCD
display of wired remote control had not illuminate although the main power supply switch is ‘on’.
2. LCD
display had indicated as normal illumination when power supply switch is ‘on’, however outdoor unit cannot be operated.
(But, it is necessary to take 3 to 5 minutes for outdoor unit to start from the timing of remote control ON/OFF switch is ‘on’.)
3. P.C.
board had memorized wrong setting information.
a. If
main power supply is switched ‘on’ with the wrong connection.
b. When
changing the connection or combination of units due to re-installation etc.
When changing the system from twin to triple (triple to twin).
When changing the system from group control to normal one to one system.
When making the replacement of units as master and slave etc.
Caution of test operation
Do not touch the remote control switch and do not change any wirings for one minute when the main power supply switch is ‘on’.
(Because the unit is having automatic address setting during the first one minute.)
Caution during automatic address setting
When main power supply switch is ‘on’, the P.C. board will automatically memorized the connecting system.
Consequently, when initial power supply is ‘on’, there will not be interchangeability of units even of the same type and same
capacity unit. Therefore unable to connect the unit to another system.