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Please read before installation
This air conditioning system meets strict safety and operating
For the installer or service person, it is important
to install or
service the system so that it operates safely and efficiently.
For safe installation and trouble-free operation, you must:
Carefully read this instruction booklet before beginning.
Follow each installation or repair step exactly as shown.
Observe all local, state and national electrical
Pay close attention to all warning and caution notices given in
this manual.
•The unit must be supplied with a dedicated electrical line.
This symbol refers to a hazard or unsafe practice which can result
in severe personal injury or death.
This symbol refers to a hazard or unsafe practice which can result
in personal injury or product or property damage.
If necessary, get help
These instructions are all you need for most installation sites and
maintenance conditions.
If you require help for a special problem, contact our sale/service
outlet or your certified dealer for additional instructions.
In case of improper installation
The manufacturer shall in no way be responsible for improper
installation or maintenance service, including failure to follow the
instructions in this document.
During installation, connect before the refrigerant system and
then the wiring one; proceed in the reverse orden when removing
the units.
When wiring
Do not supply power to the unit until all wiring and tubing are
completed or reconnected and checked, to ensure the grounding.
Highly dangerous electrical voltages are used in this system.
Carefully refer to the wiring diagram and these instructions when
Improper connections and inadequate grounding can cause
accidental injury and death
Ground the unit
following local electrical codes.
The Yellow/Green wire cannot be used for any connection
different from the ground connection.
Connect all wiring tightly. Loose wiring may cause overheating
at connection points and a possible fire hazard.
Do not allow wiring to touch the refrigerant tubing, compressor,
or any moving parts of the fan.
Do not use multi-core cable when wiring the power supply and
control lines. Use separate cables for each type of line.
When transporting
Be careful when picking up and moving the indoor and outdoor
units. Get a partner to help, and bend your knees when lifting to
reduce strain on your back. Sharp edges or thin aluminium fins on
the air conditioner can cut your fingers.
When installing...
... In a ceiling or wall
Make sure the ceiling/wall is strong enough to hold the unit-weight.
It may be necessary to build a strong wooden or metal frame to
provide added support.
... In a room
Properly insulate any tubing run inside a room to prevent
"sweating", which can cause dripping and water damage to walls
and floors.
... In moist or uneven locations
Use a raised concrete base to provide a solid level foundation for
the outdoor unit.
This prevents damage and abnormal vibrations.
... In area with strong winds
Securely anchor the outdoor unit down with bolts and a metal
frame. Provide a suitable air baffle.
... In a snowy area (for heat pump-type systems)
Install the outdoor unit on a raised platform that is higher than
drifting snow. Provide snow vents.
When connecting refrigerant tubing
Keep all tubing runs as short as possible.
Use the flare method for connecting tubing.
Apply refrigerant lubricant to the matching surfaces of the flare
and union tubes before connecting them;
screw by hand and
then tighten the nut with a torque wrench for a leak-free
Check carefully for leaks before starting the test run.
Depending on the system type, liquid and gas lines may be either
narrow or wide. Therefore, to avoid confusion, the refrigerant
tubing for your particular model is specified as narrow tube for
liquid, wide tube for gas.
When servicing
Turn the power OFF at the main power board
before opening
the unit to check or repair electrical parts and wiring.
Keep your fingers and clothing away from any moving parts.
Clean up the site after the work, remembering to check that no
metal scraps or bits of wiring have been left inside the unit being
Ventilate the room during the installation or testng the refrigeration
system; make sure that, after the installation, no gas leaks are
present, because this could produce toxic gas and dangerous
if in contact with flames or heat-sources.
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