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Manual type:Service Manual
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Proper service and repair is important to the safe, reliable operation of all
Funai Equipment. The service procedures recommended by Funai and
described in this service manual are effective methods of performing
service operations. Some of these service special tools should be used
when and as recommended.
It is important to note that this service manual contains various CAUTIONS
and NOTICES which should be carefully read in order to minimize the risk
of personal injury to service personnel. The possibility exists that improper
service methods may damage the equipment. It also is important to
understand that these CAUTIONS and NOTICES ARE NOT EXHAUSTIVE.
Funai could not possibly know, evaluate and advice the service trade of all
conceivable ways in which service might be done or of the possible
hazardous consequences of each way. Consequently, Funai has not
undertaken any such broad evaluation. Accordingly, a servicer who uses a
service procedure or tool which is not recommended by Funai must first
use all precautions thoroughly so that neither his safety nor the safe
operation of the equipment will be jeopardized by the service method
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