HP Color LaserJet 4550 driver download

Compatible devices:
HP Color LaserJet 4550   and 13 more
Supported OS:
  • 32bitWindows 3.0
Driver type:
Download Info
This option allows you to download a single file that contains the entire Product Software. To download into a temporary, default directory on your PC, download the file from the section below or on the previous page. Note the directory and path where the file is saved to. You will need to access this file on your PC. To expand (unzip) this file; find the directory where the file was saved to. Double click on the file. Please note that this file will create and extract into a default directory on your hard drive. You will have the opportunity to change the Drive and Directory. Please see the Readme file for detailed installation instructions.
This driver supports the following HPLaserJets: LJ240 Mopier, LJ320 Mopier CLJ 8550, CLJ8550 N, CLJ 8550 DN, CLJ8550 GN, CLJ8550 MFP CLJ 8500, CLJ8500 N, CLJ 8500 DN LJ8150, LJ8150 N, LJ8150 DN, LJ8150 HN LJ8100, LJ8100 N, LJ8100 DN LJ8000, LJ8000 N, LJ8000 DN LJ5000, LJ5000 N, LJ5000 GN LJ4050, LJ4050 T, LJ4050 N, LJ4050 TN LJ4000, LJ4000 T, LJ4000 N, LJ4000 TN LJ5, LJ5M, LJ5N, LJ5Si, LJ5SiMX, LJ5SiNX, 5Si Mopier LJ4, LJ4M, LJ4+, LJ4M+, LJ4Si, LJ4SiMX, LJ4V, LJ4MV LJII, LJIIID, LJIIISi LJII,LJIID: w/GL/2cartridge
This driver does not support the following HPLaserJets CLJ, CLJ5, CLJ5M LJ6P, LJ6MP, LJ6L LJ5P, LJ5MP LJ4P, LJ4MP, LJ4L, LJ4ML LJIIIP LJIIP, LJIIP+ LJ2000, LJ500+, LJ, LJ+