HP Color LaserJet 4500 driver download

Compatible devices:
HP Color LaserJet 4500   and 137 more
Supported OS:
  • 32bitWindows XP
  • 32bitWindows Vista
  • 32bitWindows 7
  • 32bitWindows 8
Driver manufacturers:
  • HP
Driver type:
  • Disk drives
  • IEEE 1284.4 Devices
  • IEEE 1284.4 Print Functions
  • Ports (COM and LPT)
  • Printer
  • System devices
  • Universal Serial Bus controllers
Version:   2015-08-18
This is the most current PCL5 driver of the HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) for Windows 32 bit systems.
Enhancements/FeaturesSupport for new products introducing in the second half of 2017Expanded support for Paper Sizes, Color and Ink Settings, Ink Print Quality Settings and Secure EncryptionHP UPD implementation of Compatible IDsExpanded support for “new” printers in future releasesAdded edge-to-edge support for newer printers supporting edge-to-edgeFixes/Fixes HistoryKey issues resolved in this release of the HP Universal Print DriverIssue IDDescriptionCR48769Slow booklet printing with HP MFP S962 printer using HP UPD 6.2.1 PCL6CR54093UPD PCL6 - Mopy disabled after installation with set to Enabled in DCU CFM file when pointing at LPT1CR54465Flipcharts 32-bit 3rd party app on 64-bit Windows 8 prints fine with UPD 6.0 PCL 6, fails with UPD 6.3.0 PCL 6CR54842UPD 6.4.1 allows user to avoid policy by pressing "Cancel" on Printing PreferencesCR55572UPD 6.4.1 PS - Unable to Print Color background and Drawings in Word Document as MONO with Grayscale option with Separator page in Use. UPD 6.2.0 PS works fine.CR55636CAD prints have bold outlines from UPD 6.4.1 PCL 6 -- prints correctly in UPD 6.2.0CR55636Printing PDF file results in very thick lines when using PDF XchangeCR56020UPD PCL6 6.4.1 trouble printing a border pattern in MS WordCR56451UPD 6.4.1 PCL 6 error message when printing using the Windows 10 Snipping Tool