HP PRO 3130 driver download

Compatible devices:
HP PRO 3130   and 8 more
Supported OS:
  • 32bit64bitWindows XP
  • 32bitWindows Vista
  • 32bit64bitWindows 7
Driver manufacturers:
  • Intel
Driver type:
  • IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
  • SCSI and RAID controllers
Version:   2011-04-26
This package contains the Intel Rapid Storage Technology, RAIDdriver, and software support for the supported desktop models andoperating system.
The Intel Rapid Storage Technology provides RAID management anddrivers that enable the setup of RAID on the supported desktopmodels with multiple hard drives.
- Updates RAID Management support for the Microsoft Windows 7,Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows XP OperatingSystems.
- Adds support for new platforms.