Windows Vista Drivers downloads and installations

Today technical progress in the sphere of IT gradually gathers its pace. First of all this is referred to manufacturers of software for stationary and portable computers. It ought to be said that recently incremental attention of manufacturers of utilities for contemporary PCs is being paid to compatibility of their devices with definite versions of operational systems. And such an approach is correct, since where an operational system and a certain device have no capability for interaction, they would never understand each other, i.e. would never function adequately. A true breakthrough in the field of software development became issue of a conceptually new operational system by Microsoft. The name of this OS had been selecting for several months, and its architecture had been developed for several years. Therefore, even today we are able to observe a new trend in contemporary technologies called Windows Vista. The new operational system has generated a considerable rush in mass media, and we must say that it is not groundless. Windows Vista represents hard work of hundreds of people. This is hard work which is not evaluated to a full extent yet. The new operational system principally differs from its predecessor Windows Xp Pro/home edition. Windows Vista demonstrates absolutely new possibilities. Both usage of resources and all the hierarchy of management of system processes were, to say so, completely “rewritten” by the Microsoft programmers. Therefore, it can be said that management of peripheral equipment and utilities of the PC itself is being conducted according to the absolutely new “scheme”. In connection with this, manufacturers of utilities had to develop new versions of drivers for their devices, otherwise the new operational system was not able to identify them, consequently, not able to work with them. After release of Windows Vista on counters of different cities, there were rumors that the new OS is practically incompatible with old equipment. And indeed, the fact ought to be mentioned that the most large-scale manufacturers of office appliances, such as Canon, Epson, and HP, immediately rejected to develop new versions of drivers for their products for the fresh OS. The explanation of this is quite logical. It is not profitable for a company to produce supporting software for equipment which is not marketed for a long time, which means which is no more profitable, while development and support of old devices by new drivers requires large cash investments, since work of highly qualified programmers has always been appreciated. As a rule, today every new device has Windows Vista support, and this is obvious, because the new OS began its wide spreading in our country. With respect to its sales Windows Vista has overgrown the sales of Windows XP copies. Although installation of drivers for Windows Vista is a standard process which can be performed even by an ordinary PC user, it should be mentioned that the new OS reacts sharply for inadequate driver files (files with name suffix .ini). It was pointed out that many versions of drivers for video cards ATi could induce the so-called BSOD, or, on other words, the Blue Screen of Death. BSOD is an evidence of a single thing, namely that the general computer configuration is not well compiled, i.e. some devices are conflicting between themselves. Conflicts with driver files can also be places here. In order to eliminate the BSOD-errors associated with drivers, it is necessary to reinstall drivers for a certain device. It is recommended to install an older, but more reliable driver. It can be said concerning the standard database of drivers for Vista that it is rather discreet. This database includes only devices which were launched shortly before the OS release, and this prohibits more old devices from normal functioning. Till now PC users come across with a problem of driver incompatibility, and this is all due to the fact that drivers for Vista have been developed and will be developed for new, and never for old models of devices. If you are an owner of an aged printer or scanner, you will most probably have to overboard from its usage, of course, if you work with Windows Vista. Notwithstanding of the fact that today drivers for Vista can be found on hundreds of web portals, not all of them are really adapted for work with the new OS. That is why we advise you to download Vista drivers from official sources or reliable websites only, as they can ensure absence of viruses, for example, as we do. The process of driver installation may require computer restart, but few people know that in fact Windows Vista is ready for work with a new driver immediately after its installation. The thing is that, in contrast to Windows XP, Vista records all the necessary parameters at once, while XP does it only after the computer restart. Today there are rumors that a lot of Windows XP drivers are also suitable for Vista, but in fact this is not correct. The thuth is that generally these are drivers for peripheral devices. And drivers for peripheral devices substantially differ by their structure from drivers for PC utilities. Of course, it is advisable to try for the first time to install old versions of XP drivers, but if there is no result, you will have to download drivers for Vista. In the course of using the Windows Vista operational system, you should remember that drivers of all devices will require updating. It particularly concerns contemporary video adapters. The new DirectX version, which, to the point, is supported by Vista only, has been developed specially for them. This new technology makes it possible to amplify in many times the efficiency of video adapter, and new drivers will only contribute to this. You should remember that if you have installed the driver in a wrong way, you will always be able to “roll it back”, with consequent reestablishing of functioning of former drivers. In conclusion of this article we would like to give several helpful pieces of advise concerning installation of drivers for Vista:
- Immediately after downloading the drivers for Vista check them up for harmful programs.
- In the course of installation of drivers for Vista you should let the installation wizard find the drivers itself, and only if it will not find them, show the path to the necessary .ini driver file