LG TV screen flickering problem. What should you do?

Modern TVs, though very different from those that were produced 20-30 years ago, still have the same problems - poor image quality, flickering, highlighted or shaded areas, and so on. In this article we will consider some of the reasons why LG TV screen can start flickering.

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Flickering when watching channels

This means that the flickering of the TV screen occurs when you connect to it a source of television signal - satellite (through the receiver), cable or analog (conventional antenna) television. First of all, you should check the sources of the TV signal.

Satellite TV

As known, in order to receive satellite television requires you need a digital signal source and a receiver. The source of the signal may be presented by a parabolic antenna or cable routed into the house by satellite TV operators. The receiver is required to decrypt the incoming signal into an analog or digital signal, which is then transmitted to the TV via an RCA television (three wires of white, red and yellow color) or an HDMI cable.

As a rule modern LG TVs use the second version of signal transmission from the receiver. Any faulty equipment or communication channels can lead not only to a flickering screen, but also to many other problems.

If a parabolic antenna is used as a signal receiver, then you should check it first of all.

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Cable or converter problem

You don't need to dismantled or repair the antenna or else it will be impossible to configure it without special equipment. Just disconnect the antenna cable from the receiver. The flickering will stop and the TV should display information about the absence of a signal. If this is the reason of the problem, you can try replacing the cable. If it does not help, maybe the problem has to do with the satellite converter - a device that picks up the wireless signal from the antenna. Specialists help is needed in this case.

Receiver or the TV end cable problems

It is the receiver that provides the TV with a “picture,” because the work of the TV directly depends on the receiver performance. Disconnect the external receiving cable in order to check the receiver. It is possible that malfunctions are connected with signal receiving module. Then you can try to replace or simply disconnect the cable that connected receiver and TV, switching the source signal of the latter (set in the settings) - for example, you can chose the analog jack. Even if there is nothing displayed on the TV screen, it is easy to notice that the flickering has ended.

If neither replacement nor disconnecting the cable does not help, perhaps the problem has to do with the TV itself and the service is required.

Cable TV

The only thing you can do is to inspect for physical damage the part of the TV cable that enters the apartment. Most often the plug fails, although it will be evident only after dismantling it. If disconnecting the cable fixes the flickering of the screen, a problem has been detected and you have to do is to cal the customer support. Before the call, you can try to replace/repair the plug yourself - it is possible that there is a short circuit in it.

Analog TV

The situation is simple in this case as well. First you should check the antenna , especially if it is equipped with electronic components to amplify the signal. Just move it. If it has no effect, try disconnecting the TV cable from the antenna. If the flickering will stop, you will have to replace the cable and/or antenna, otherwise the problem has to do with the TV itself.

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Flickering when connecting a TV to a computer

At any time, a modern TV can be turned into a screen of computer, game console, video recorder, control unit for a video conferencing system and other digital devices that supports the transmission of video signals via an HDMI cable. All such devices have their own video settings. Using computer as an example we will consider the most common cause of the screen flickering, namely - incompatible frequency settings and/or resolution of a video card with the same settings of the TV.

If a signal is transmitted via an HDMI cable that exceeds the frequency supported by the TV, the latter may not display the picture at all or do it with frame skips. It is the latter effect that causes the screen to flicker. The same can be observed when video card resolution does not correspond with the TV resolution. In order to fix the problem perform the following steps:

  • In the TV settings (in the HDMI input settings section), you need to find the currently set frequency value. The setting is done differently depending on LG TV model (see the instructions or the manufacturer's website).
  • Next, open video card driver settings on the computer. Open NVIDIA Control Panel for Nvidia devices. If your PC does not have the program installed, you can download it from the video card manufacturer’s website.
  • Next, you need to set the frequency of the output signal equal to that set on the TV. For example, for NVIDIA video cards, this is changed in the "Display" section of the "NVIDIA Control Panel" program. Go the "Change resolution" section and select the desired frequency value in the drop-down menu "Refresh rate".
  • Regarding screen resolution. Here you should also go through the technical documentation for the TV and clarify the parameters of the maximum resolution it supports, and then set the corresponding value in the settings of the video card driver.

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Image brightness and contrast adjustment

The screen of any modern TV is a matrix illuminated by powerful LED or other types of lamps. It is the backlight that provides the desired level of image brightness. In liquid crystal (LCD) LCD TVs, the desired brightness level is achieved by high-frequency flickering of the backlight. The more the delay between pulses, the lower the brightness of the lamps. Under certain conditions (for example, light from a high-frequency LED lamp falls on the TV screen), the pause between pulses may seem longer than it actually is. The human eye perceives such an effect as screen flickering.

If the problem is in the brightness of the backlight, then you will just need to increase it level in the TV settings. Increasing the brightness value can make the colors on the screen too bright and blurry, which is solved by adjusting the contrast of the image.

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Hardware and technical malfunctions

All other malfunctions that cause the TV screen to flicker can only be fixed by contacting the service center. One should bear in mind that replacement of the screen matrix is the most expensive procedure. Such procedure will cost 70-80% of the TV price, so you'd better buy new TV to stay cost-effective.